Ah, A Taste of Yellow Bear… How does your kitty start his day?


Jun 9, 2012

“Huh, it’s 5 o’clock already?”

Kizzme just loves to start her day off with a taste of Yellow Bear — what does your kitty enjoy doing or eating first thing in the AM?  How does she get her mojo going?


Kizzme and Yellow Bear seem to have a comical 9am-5pm relationship.  Just like the old cartoon with Ralph the Coyote and Sam the Sheepdog, each clocks in at 9am and go about their workday, sometimes taunting and tormenting each other.  The funny thing is that when the day ends, the two punch the time clock, exchange pleasantries and go home. I see a similar camraderie with Kizzme and Yellow Bear and it’s so darn cute.  I found Yellow Bear which is really a soft raccoon plush dog toy made in China (where else?!) at the check-out bin at local retail pet store the very first week I brought Kizzme home.  I really wanted her to have a playtoy which was similar in her size to cuddle up next to.  She was a rather tiny undernourished kitten at about 8 weeks.  She probably had several siblings so I felt she might like something soft about her size.

I never could have imagined the best pals relationship Kizzme now seems to have with Yellow Bear “YB”.  She’ll pick up YB and take him off the bed and carry him around in her mouth and then bring him right back to her little spot on the bed keeping him all to herself.  I picked up a second YB when I was last at the pet store in the event we lose him or there is an unfortunate accident as Kizzme grows up and their little tumbles become the real kitten version of the WWF.

Kizzme-3mos-yellow-bear-best-friends-3Every morning Kizzme starts her day with a little roughhousing with YB and it really gets her going — I think these two have some great chemistry.  It’s so pleasing to see a pet really enjoy something thoughtful and special you’ve selected and every morning, Kizzme and YB seem to clock in and together they help Kizzme Mommy get her day started with a simile and a laugh!

What gets your kitty or cat going in the morning? Share your stories and comments below.

All of the handcrafted Kizzme items are tthoughtfully created, often assembled with materials from other sources of recycled, inexpensive and even upcycled items.  Our Kizmee vision and store has been inspired by stories just like the above.  Kizzme Mommy is no stranger to pets and a variety of animals and has a keen eye what her pets are likely to enjoy.    See our “Kizzme approved” cat play toys to see what our Kizzme Kitten enjoys and we’re pretty sure your kitty shall likely like one or two as well!

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