DID YOU KNOW: ASPCA Offers Free Pet Care Safety Packs for Cats & Dogs

DID YOU KNOW the ASPCA will send you a courtesy free Pet Care Safety Pack?

With just a few clicks Kizzme easily ordered hers online today and we wanted to let you know that you can easily order one too and it’s available to you absolutely free of charge.

The Pet Care Safety Pack is intended to help save lives of animals in an event of an emergency, so be prepared, plan ahead and hopefully you’ll never need to use it, and you’ll have some peace of mind knowing there’s someone on your side to help you and your pet in times of need.


ASPCA Offers Free Pet Care Safety Packs

Free Pet Safety Packs Available now through the ASPCA


The ASPCA works hard to support the lives animals of animals so kudos to this wonderful organization for their assistance in providing the Pet Care Safety Packs!

Order an ASPCA Pet Safety Pack here now.

Have a safe summer day!

Posted by Kizzme Mommy


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