Kizzme Has a New Pal — Meet Beanie “Peace” Bear!



Kizzme Has a New Pal--Meet Beanie Bear "Peace"

Kizzme and Her Pet Pal “Beanie”

From the looks of things we’re not sure who really won the first go-round  in their new friends meet-up but we think it’s apparent from our iPhone  snapshots Kizzme’s newest pal Beanie” is yummy.
Kizzme met  Beanie on her recent trip to the desert and  as you can see he’s colorful.  I’m sure he’ll be full of many surprises for her as they  become acquainted.  He’s more her size and heavier than YB.  Kizzme has outgrown her pal Yellow Bear but they’re still friends, and she still  loves to carry him around the house on some of her excursions.
My little purr-girl is growing up quickly.  Our visits to the local pet store seem to come around sooner rather than later and the pet food bill is adding up — she’s definitely got a healthy appetite.  Plus I think the cheddar treats are starting to catch up with her!  We’ll have to look for a brand of lowfat cheddar — is there really such a choice?


Kizzme-16weeks-beanie-peacebear-1The pot of gold found in the rainbow of colors in this  very special friendship/peace plush toy beanie bear truly is in the  friendship we all enjoy with our very special pet pals!  Why not get  your kitten pal a “Peace” Bear or extend a beanie bear plush gift to a  cat or puppy and make a new friend or two today.  It will surely warm your heart and your pets will love you even more.

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