New Kizzme Trick: Climbing The Drapes — Oh, Bad Kitty!


New Kizzme Trick Climbing The Draoes -- Oh, Bad Kitty!

Kizzme caught in action climbing the drapes — Bad Kitty!Kizzme was especially wound up this morning and she’s taken to climbing the drapes!  Now I’m not sure if this is coincidental with her age and abilities at 17 weeks or her not having access to food and water this morning in preparation for her spay appointment today.  She seems particularly aggressive since we awoke at about 5am!  I’ve already had to scold her a few times for her attacking my hands with her overly rambuctious kitten play and have had to use the water spray bottle.


She’s now cleaning herself as I write this because she’s literally been drenched with several squirts of the good ‘ole H20 which is a staple on our night stand.  She understands what the water bottle is for.  Sometimes I merely show it to here to stop the kitty love bites since the word “No” doesn’t always resonate with her finely tuned kitty hearing.  She’s good at ignoring me sometimes with her selective hearing — you know how it goes with the kids — they hear what they want to hear!

I found these good tips from WikiHow this morning to help us curb the cats from climbing the drapes.   Now if we could find some tips to keep us from climbing the walls during our crazy cat moments, then all will be right Kizzme World!

I really had to laugh at Kizzme climbing the drapes because it was her first time… That I’m aware of, yes, it looked soooo cute seeing her hang off the curtain rods, but I thought, this is NOT good, behavior.  This IS going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you kiddo, and squirt, squirt, squirt I did!   And finally she let loose!

And now she’s making up with me with her morning ritual love snuggle.   Kizzme  at 17 weeks still loves to nuzzle into my neck, purring while attempting to suckle like a newborn kitten.  She’ll usually roll over and nod off for a morning catnap while mommy checks her email with her iPhone.  This truly is Kizzme and Mommy morning bonding time and all is right in The world of Kizzme.  Mornings are very special with Kizzme — they start with a special greeting and a joyful smile and much  excitement and a lot of love!   Really, what could be better than that… even if she climbs the drapes…. only occasionally…. when I’m not looking!

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