Kizzme Versus Mommy in Cat Toy Oblivion Roundup August 2012


Kizzme Versus Mommy in Cat Toy Oblivion Roundup August 2012

Kizzme takes inventory of her cat toys!

Today Sunday was a good day to play a round of “Cat Toy Oblivion Roundup.”  Ever wonder where the cat toys disappear to?  It’s the cat version of lost socks.  I know there are several items under the bed and we both figured today might be a good day to round up a few missing things and see what’s underneath and Kizz was up for the challenge!


So out came our extra length anti-static dust cleaner often used to clean in high places, but this fun cleaning tool drives Kizzme wild, and I really wanted to amp up the excitement for her, not that our rambunctious kitten needs encouraging… It’s just fun to see the sparkle in her eyes and her tail wiggle into high gear!

It didn’t take but a few seconds to sweep up the contents under our king-sized bed which is big enough to store several toys and misplaced items  I’m guessing she’s probably got stowed away for a rainy day — it’s instinctual — she can’t help herself because we both know this spoiled kitty will never likely run out of cat toys.  Surely she must know what’s under the bed anyhow, she put them there and she’s under the bed all the time — it’s just one of her safe havens that I’ve generally agreed to keep my paws off of in our kitty-mommy co-habitation agreement.   I’ve learned that respecting one’s things and giving people (and cats) their space works wonders for relationships!  Let them come to you and all will be right in the world –it’s surely working for us in the World of Kizzme!

So here’s a full accounting of our game of “Cat Toy Oblivion Roundup”:


1 lady bug pull toy (the most fun dollar store cat toy I’ve purchased!)
1 pink marble golf ball
1 turquoise marble golf ball
1 firecracker catnip toy
1 extra copy of YB (Yellow Bear)
1 rainbow fish toy (she inherited this toy from  my last lovable cat “Catrina”

Total: 6 cat toys


1 three-item pack of eye drops
1 oil-rubbed bronze curtain tie back (obviously NOT cat proof because it was attached to the wall before Kizz arrived)
1 used Chapstick (does anyone ever not lose these?)
1 roll of coin pennies (I knew it.  My Kizz is a kleptomaniac and she’s stealing from my purse!)
1 green antacid tab (uh huh, Kizz is anti-discriminatory and will play with anything from bits of trash to fancy cat toys, she loves to play!)

Total: 5 Mommy things

Winner:  KIZZME because she has the most items and the most fun things — toys!

It’s interesting you can tell a lot about a person (or cat) given what you find under the bed…. Clearly Kizzme doesn’t have a care in the world… it must be great to be a cat.  I think I’d like to be a pampered housecat in my next life… Could someone please arrange for that please, thanks.

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