Need a crowbar to remove your cat food can lids?

Well, we finally had it having to reach for a set of pliers to remove a plastic lid from a previously opened can of cat food!  This should not be in the World of Kizzme.  Now I realize I just don’t have the strength in my nimble mommy fingers I once had when I was 18, but removing plastic lid tops should be simple and hassle-free you’d think.

KIZZME KISS:  Need a crowbar to remove your catfood can lids?  So I’ve solved my lid problem by simply taking the remaining cat food and placing it into a small glass jar.  What could be more simpler than that?  Who says one must store cat food in its original can?  The cat food gods?  Heck no.

Now for those of us ladies with enthusiastic yet sometimes dumb boyfriends or significant others with refined tastes who like to whip up a batch of pâté with interesting things from the fridge, you might want to label your glass jar with the words “CAT FOOD.”

This Kizzme Kiss reminds me of a funny story which men (and boys) will truly eat anything when they are hungry… or given the opportunity.

When I was about 16 years old my mother and I would often bake cookies together and one day we  thought we’d have a little innocent fun with my younger brother.  We had pet cats and dogs at the time so dry pet food was always handy….

Do you see where we are going with our little mischievous baking adventure?  We added some dry dog food to one “special” drop chocolate chip cookie for my brother and gave it to him for a taste treat to see if he enjoyed our cookies, and of course the little 8-year old loved it.   Gee, what little boy wouldn’t!

While my mother and I had our own motivations for the dog food cookie, it really was done in good humor.    Now I was never really a “Sweet 16” and my brother never started barking after that day, but it’s surely given us some laughs over the years.  It’s truly one of those memorable funny moments my mother and I shared.

KIZZME KISS:  Need a crowbar to remove your catfood can lids?  It’s funny how things come full circle in an odd way… Fast forward several years… now Kizzme and I bond over  homemade cookies when she’s not climbing the drapes.  My brother? His wife and 3-year old son are now baking the cookies…

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