Chicken Delight Dinner


Chicken Delight Dinner

“Kizzme’s Chicken Delight!

OMG!  Never have I seen a cat do a “happy dance” when I utter the words “Costco Tonight Chicken Delight.” Talk about Pavlov’s dog and conditioning!


Here’s what’s happening in the world of Kizzme:  since she’s discovered Costco’s delightful roasted chicken in the avocado box (see this funny Kizzme post), she’s been chasing the rotisserie bird nearly insisting daily on chicken doing her little happy dance and a cute little meow to boot.  She absolutely loves her chopped and shredded Costco chicken delight.

I’ve gone about preparing her chicken much like preparing a chicken stock from a whole cooked chicken.  I’ve already removed all the white meat and other meat for Kizzme Mommy.  Be sure to remove the skin as this contains a lot of fat and salt and other seasonings, not so good for your pet pal.

Then I’ve simmered the chicken carcass in a pot of water to remove the remaining meat.  Once the chicken heats up after several minutes the meat falls off the bone making removing all the little chicken bones very easy.  The broth is strained through a colander and stored overnight in the refrigerator  in a large cup. The fat in the broth which has risen to the top is then removed the next day from the chicken broth and the usable broth is then stored in small Dixie cups for use with preparation with Kizzme “Costco Chicken Delight Dinner.”

I’ll use my small job food chopper and process the chopped chicken and broth from the Dixue cups to get a nice easy-to-consume (or shall I say “devour”?) consistency.

Now you might be thinking this is a lot of effort for someone with toouch time on their hands…  Well, yes, but I do enjoy making the natural food for Kizzme and I’ve discovered she really likes it and to see her eyes light up is worth every bit.  She still eats the canned food — I insist she eats her  canned store-bought foods so she gets all the minerals and vitamins she needs as a growing kitten.  It’s important she still get those important nutrients, plus I’m not one for creating a finicky cat, just one with good taste.

If you want to give your cat a taste treat for the Costco Chicken Delight, try whipping up a batch and make several individually-sized servings to freeze in smaller packets or Dixie cups and then use as needed.  Watch your kitty do the happy dance and we bet you’ll be hooked and you’ll both be doing the kitty tango before too long!

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