Chubby “Beanie” is Too Heavy for Kizzme and Undergoes Emergency Outpatient Bean-liposuction Surgery for Obesity… No Rest for the Beanie Now!


Chubby "Beanie"  is Too Heavy for Kizzme and Undergoes Emergency Outpatient Bean-liposuction Surgery for Obesity... No Rest for the Beanie Now!

“Beanie” undergoes bean-ectomy!

Beanie “Peace” was just too chubby for the affections of  our purr-girl Kizzme and YB was still gaining most of her attention  — one really never forgets their first love, even in the world of cats!


So Kizzme Mommy decided to perform a quick bean-liposuction this morning.  Beanie was just too chubby in the belly and he was carrying too much weight in beans.  The beans had to go and so they did.  In what was a relatively quick and I’m sure painless procedure, the beans were excised out through a small slit in Beanie’s private area.

I also did a little body contouring and reshaped his insides with the fiberfill so he was more evenly proportioned and now a sexier beanie bear.  I also added a couple of miniature bells I recently acquired from China for some crafts projects and one larger bell to give him a little voice for some “extra” personality.  No, Beanie does not speak Chinese, but I did find him and Kizzme dialing up PF Chang’s the other day.  Hmmmm , I wonder what’s up with that?!

Kizzme was really wound up during the procedure. She knew something was up.  She actually jumped right into the middle of the procedure at one point I suppose because she wanted to assist?  Dr. Mommy couldn’t close up fast enough and return Beanie to Kizzme’s loving paws.  She is absolutely delighted with the new Beanie!  She was playing with him this morning like never before, carrying him around the house, scurrying down the hallway and fetching him for me, and just really adoring her new svelt sexier and “personality-adjusted” pal.

They say you can never change the person you love, that change must come from within. However, in the World of Kizzme alas all it takes is a little bean lipo and a personality tweak with a couple of bells and you’ve got a new bear to cuddle up with to love and adore!  Gee, if it was only that simple in our real world…

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