DID YOU KNOW: Scrambled Eggs are Good for Cats!

Kitty Mommy splurged a little today on Kizzme, and while she was begging for some attention or perhaps some food, she caved to offer her a bite of her scrambled egg breakfast.  Yes, scrambled eggs without milk is good for your cats.  They contain protein which is good for them.

You’ll probably want to leave the scrambled eggs to a treat or in a pinch when youre out of ghe good cat food you normally feed your pal, so you’re cat doesn’t get used to the idea so she becomes finicky or develops any kind of bad habits when it comes to feeding time.  Yes, Kizzme’s cuteness and little squeaky meows tugged at my heartstrings this morning, and with a smile I decided to share a bite of breakfast with her.

Kizzme enjoying a scrabled eg... who knew?As you can see, she enjoyed this little taste treat.  My only hope is that she doesn’t start begging for a poached egg because I don’t have a clue how to poach an egg and she would quickly become my taste-testing guinea pig and we don’t want that — I prefer her as my lovable kitten pet pal, and you must know about slippery slopes!

Here’s some info we found while dining this morning on this beautiful Sunday day in So. Califirnia that we’d like to share with you:

From our USA pals at Yahoo: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=

And also from our South African pals: http://medipet.blogspot.com/2009/06/can-cats-eat-eggs.html?m=1

On another note Kizzme took her official and “authorized” first steps into our wild backyard of the unknown for a little morning adventure.  She absolutely enjoyed her trek around the backward and was often caught running and jumping around, much like a happy toddler.  More to come with photos of Kizzme Kitty’s adventure — it will surely warm your heart and we hope you’ll consider adopting a kitten or cat today.  Don’t forget June is national adopt-a-cat month  and many shelters are offering adoptions at a very low cost.

Have a Kizzme-riffuc day and enjoy your scrambled eggs.  Tip: Try adding a bit of cheddar for some love!

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