DIY Kitten Food Made Easy In A Pinch!

Hey Kizzme Pals, here’s a little tip for the DIY’ers on out site — DIY Kitten Food Made Easy in a Pinch!

I was shopping the other day at our local grocery store to buy a bag of Ian’s Kitten Food when I noticed the Friskies 5oz can of turkey and cheese for adult cats on sale.  While Kizzme is not an adult I’ve been giving her nothing but food labeled for kittens!  I thought I’d give her a new taste and picked up a can of Friskie’s just to keep in an emergency.

Well, it wasn’t long before the lightbulb went on (or off?) in my head.  When I make my own morning vitamin and supplement smoothy, it occured to me to simply “purée” the Friskie’s cat food to a point of kitten food consistency.  Wow, Kizzme loves it and ate it up like there was no tomorrow.

Now I’m not an advocate of feeding adult cat food regularly to kitten kittty pals just because it’s on sale, KM discovered this useful tip for use in a pinch or for a little taste treat — it really is a simple task and most blenders have a purée or liquefy button.

I suppose a cat lover with more than one kitten could also by the larger 6oz cans, purée and freeze the contents in ziplock bags or use for individual servings.  It’s a simple project and I felt good knowing Kizzme really enjoyed this little puréed taste of something new.  Now if I can teach her not to jump on my small kitchen table to eat a small plant when I’ve got my back turned and eyes on the blender, then all will be right in the Kizzme World!

Why do cats love to eat our favorite plants?  I’m convinced they do it for attention.  I learned recently if you sprinkle a little cayenne pepper in your garden flowers and vegetables, the local squirrels, raccoons and possums will get the message and stay away.  The cayenne pepper won’t hurt the plant but it will surely get someone’s attention. I may try the cayenne trick on some of my house plants to see if it works with Kizzme. I’m currently using a water spray bottle to deter her from tempting a nibble but she seems to think this is really all fun and games — like a toddler testing Mommy’s boundaries.

Ah, the joy of life as a kitten and a cat owner..  Isn’t life great with our furry little four-legged pals?

Please share your tips for easy DIY kitten food and other tricks to keep your new kittens out of the house plants and flowers.

You might also consider purchasing some whole foods from Wholelife Pets.  I hear the kitties love the taste of rabbit, which begs the question:  do you think rabbit food is on sale during Easter like the chocolate bunnies and our favorite yellow Peeps ?

Have you ever tried cooked or fried rabbit? It really does taste like chicken so there’s not likely to be many complaints from your pal.  KM’s family raised a few rabbits a long time ago, we would eat rabbits from time to time, and I’ll admit it wasn’t so bad as a young girl, but I can’t bear the thought of eating another rabbit in my life unless it’s a Dove or See’s Candies solid chocolate rabbit.

DIY Kitten Food Made Easy In A Pinch!

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