Happy Saturday Kizzme Pals!

Happy Saturday Kizzme Pals!  What a lazy day this has been.  Kizzme’s been playing a lot the last week and I’ve found that the more she plays throughout the day and into early evening, the more sleep Kizzme Mommy likely gets.

She’s a good kitty not waking me up too early.  I also make sure she gets plenty of dinner food before we turn in for the night and this seems to help her sleep through the night.  Now who is to say what’s really going in the middle of the night while KM sleeps.  Yes, there’s evidence that Kizzme is up a bit at night.  Things just don’t turn upside down on their own — get it!

Kizzme & Pal Yellow BearIt looks like Kizzme and Yellow Bear are becoming really good pals lately.   I had to break out the cloned copy of YB while the original YB got a bath recently but she doesn’t know it.  Wait until she sees two YBs at the same time!  I think she’s still figuring out the wardrobe mirror but at least she hasn’t had a run at it head on during our playtime.  Every now and again Kizzme feels the need to simply attack and she’s landed on my head from out of nowhere during her morning game play version of every cat’s favorite game of “Where’s that Kitty?”

She’s definitely gaining weight — for a moment I felt like she really got a good right hook on me because her now little chubby butt surprised me and ended up on the back of my head and somehow bounced off my nose.  Yes, she’s gaining weight now at 13 weeks and is not so undernourished as she was when we first met!  Pretty soon she’ll have to lay off the easy free cat treats so I don’t get a concussion while playing “Where’s that Kitty?”

What are some of your cat’s crazy antics?  Please comment below and add your own story to share with us.

We hope you’re having a lazy June day and you’re spending some QT with your pet pal.

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