Kizzme Hide & Seek Mondays


Kitty Hide & Seek Mondays

A fast-moving Kizzme during a game of Monday morning Hide & Seek

Every Monday morning Kizzme and Mommy usually play a very spirited round of Hide and Seek.  Oh, what fun we have!  I know she gets a lot of good aerobic exercise and so does Kizzme Mommy!  There’s definitely a lot of running around and Kizzme loves to run down our hallways.  I’ll give her a little jump with a Window type “uh oh” when she finds me and then she’s off again!  Then I’ll go chasing after her a bit.  And sometimes she’ll even sneak up behind behind me then turn and run the other way, the little rascal!   She’ll literally jump out from nowhere so there are always some surprises with Hide & Seek  — she’s a fast moving cat and definitely keeps me on my toes!  This is one of my favorite Kizzme games and Mondays are always a joy — what a great way to start the week!

I recently picked up a new book on cat games from Amazon which we’re both enjoying and we thought you might too.  We’ll plan on sharing some excerpts from the book as we go through it.  In the meantime if you’d like to get your personal copy, order a copy of 50 Games to Play with Your Cat here and your purchase will benefit the local community pet organizations we support.

Kitty Hide & Seek MondaysHave a special game you  enjoy playing with your cat?  Or perhaps your cat plays with you? Please tell us about it by commenting below — we’d love to hear all about it!

Kitty Hide & Seek Mondays

Kizzme resting in her personal safe haven under a cedar chest behind the sofa after our game of Monday Hide & Seek

Enjoy your day and the games your cat plays with you!

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