The Perfect Homemade Toy for a 21-Week Old Playful Kitten — Happy Birthday Kizzme!

The Perfect Homemade Toy for a 21-Week Old Playful Kitten -- Happy Birthday Kizzme!This week was quite celebratory since Kizzme turned 21 weeks and Mommy is now 50.  Pretty momentous I suppose for both of us.. she’s made it to 21 weeks without causing too much kitty damage to our household and herself, and Mommy’s survived 50 years without too much damage herself either!  We’ve really recome best pals in our Kizzme World.

It’s been so wonderful having Kizzme in my life these past few months.  She’s really brought me a new enthusiasm and a joy to life that went astray for a time, and I’m grateful.  I’m feeling a renewed sense of energy and motivation I’ve not felt in a few years and it’s all wonderful.  Having Kizzme creates responsibility and not only that, she’s just a lot of fun and makes me laugh.  Her silly kitten antics and craziness really brightens my day.  I really enjoy taking photos with my iPhone, capturing some of those silly kitten antics because they truly capture some of her authentic nuttiness!

Kizzme truly does some of the funniest things and doesn’t seem to give things a second thought… as if kittens really “think” about things!    She has this kind of “just-do-it-now/ask-questions -later demeanor” without worrying or thinking about the “ifs” or the “consequences” of her actions.  Talk about no stress.  Well, what stress does a housecat have, really?  I’ll have to ponder that one for a while.

The Perfect Homemade Toy for a 21-Week Old Playful Kitten -- Happy Birthday Kizzme!Today Kizzme insisted as cats often do she would lend a paw or two while helping me manuever a new hope chest we purchaed on Craigslist that morning to store our kitty craft supplies into a special place  in the living room.  By the looks of things in the snapshot photo (photo right), I think it was more like she was “hoping” to get in the way, whereas Mommy was hoping carefully not to squish her.  Yes, that’s her under the hopechest, carefully perched on hearth of our fireplace!

Don’t you just love it when our pals insist on offering their paws for some assistance.  I kept telling her “Lefty Lucy, Righty Tighty” as we were trying to remove a leg, and she was so excited by our new home decor, that once the job was complete, she jumped up on the chest and started chasing her tail!  Why cats do this I don’t know, but Kizzme is now 21 weeks old and I love her even more with each passing day.

Here’s the homemade cat toy I made this week for her 21-week birthday — it’s Kizzme & Mommy’s Interactive Toy Toss Game.  This game is made of paper towel rolls covered in bright tissue paper and seated in a plastic lid from a store-bought cake or fruit platter I had laying around for some unexplained reason.  The  larger tubes (or rolls) are from a Quaker Oatmeal cannister.  I decided to cover the rolls in tissue paper so Kizzme would not subject her soft delicate young kitten paws to any rough cut paper or rough plastic edges.  Can you imagine me trying to put a Band-aid on a kitty with a paper cut?  I don’t think so!   And I don’t think the “Hello Kitty” band-aids I’ve had for that special injry would have helped either…

The Perfect Homemade Toy for a 21-Week Old Playful Kitten -- Happy Birthday Kizzme!I used Elmer’s Glue to secure the tissue on both sides inside the roll and outside. I also used the glue gun to secure all the tubes together so no one roll would come lose during some exciting game play… at least that’s the idea.

The small individual toys used to throw into the tubes of the large toy piece are simply small household items which cats generally like to play with anyhow.  Small items like marbles, bottle caps, plastic pieces, and other small items that are large enough for kitty to play with but not so small that she can chew and swallow.  They’ve been embellished with feathers and other odds and ends to make them “more interesting” for Kizzme!

Additional paper tissue was added around the outside to cover the plastic lid and up over the edges for a stylized finished look.

I next took my fancy glue gun and added some feathers, and other attractive objects and small beans and corn to items I could safely seal for a small rattle sound.  Bright feathers were added to some items.

And that’s about it.   This is a game you’ll surely want to play together on special occasions.  As with most toys of this type,  never leave kitty unattended. Please put toys away when not in use.


The Perfect Homemade Toy for a 21-Week Old Playful Kitten -- Happy Birthday Kizzme!

Kizzme & Kizzme Mommy

Yes, this was a very special week for milestones in our lives.  Kizzme is now a 21-week-old kitten and Mommy has surpassed 50.. Wowee!  And I couldn’t think of a better way than celebrating it with the kitten love of my life. She’s been the greatest gift to me this year and I’m so thankful.


Happy Birthday to Us!

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