Kizzme Cat Gets a Fun iPad Game App!


Kizzme has turned 13 weeks old this past week and for the celebration, she’s recently received an electronic cat toy.  This Cat Game App available on the iPad is a very fun cat game that she can easily play alone or with KM!  Kizzme’s little cat-mitsvah included some of her favorite cat treats and a couple of new choices.  She loves a little lick of peanut butter and has also discovered the taste of smoked turkey.So far in the first 13 weeksn, she’s definitely not a finicky kitty  — she has an interesting palate!


Kizzme Gets a Cat-mitzvah at 13 Weeks! And Receives a Fun IPad Game App

Kizzme enjoying Cat Games, a new electronic iPad app!

KM ordered a new gift for Kizzme’s cat-mitsvah week which is a new fun electronic iPad game app recently spotted on the new cable show “Must Love Cats.”  When I beckon Kizzme and reach for the iPad on my nightstand, she gets really excited.  She knows what’s coming and has become one of Cat Games newest customers.   Find out more about this very clever electronic play game from the product website.  This is most definitely a “paws-up” item we’re sure your cat is likely to enjoy  Cat Games offers a free download for the Laser level, and the complete version is available for $1.99.  Kudos to the creator of Cat Games.


Did  you know you can now buy an iPad at other stores besides the local Apple Store!  Apparently some of the larger electronics stores and K-Mart are now selling new iPads!  However if you’re a budget conscious kitty lover who loves to keep your cat entertained, it may be worthwhile to check out the options available on the original first generation iPad through private sellers on eBay! We’ve done a quick search for you and have seen used iPads in working order as low as $22 — now that’s a sweet deal. 

Kizzme and KM are playing the Cat Games app on a first-generation iPad and are having no issues.  eBay is a wonderful place to shop for new and pre-owned items.  Why not check out our various listings currently on eBay for a selection of unique gifts, plus you can view some of the current listings of iPads we’ve recently spotted in eBay.

Proceeds from sale of selected Kizzme items as well as other items which are generously donated by third-party sources are donated to local pet adoption shelters and other charitable pet causes!  If you have something you’d like to sell but don’t have an eBay account, we can help you sell your item!  Contact Kizzme Mommy for more info.

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