Kizzme Cat Psychology for Your Finicky Cat


Kizzme Cat Psycology for Your Finicky Cat

Kizzme finally eats her crunchy tidbits when Mommy threatens to sweep them away!  Unbelievable but very true!

I enjoyed a chuckle this evening while trying to convince Kizzme to enjoy her last meal for the evening.  She has a spay appointment tomorrow morning and the protocol calls for no  food or water after 7pm.   Have you ever tried to convince a kitten or cat they need to eat now because the kitchen closes at 7p?!   I wasn’t having much luck convincing our Kizzme, prodding her with my “oohs” and “look at this yummy TREAT exclamations.”  She was already stuffed to the gills from earlier in the day or she simply was just not having any business with me tonight.  I think “I” was more like the one being 86’d from the kitchen action.


So I slowly gathered up her two little plates hoping THAT might get her attention, and started to clean up her dainty little mess around the crunchy bowl with a small dustpan and handbroom and wouldn’t you know it, our little purr-girl suddenly changed her tune.   She didn’t appreciate her carefully placed and protected crunchies being swept up and away!  She began to scarf up each little tidbit right out of the dustpan like a chipmunk packin’ it in for a long holiday weekend.  I sat back and silently chuckled not disturbing her.  I even had time to carefully and quietly tiptoe away so as not to disturb her to another room to grab a camera and when I returned, she was still munching away — now that’s some cat psychology!

Kizzme’s little belly is gonna be full tonite — I just hope the vet will still do the spay tomorrow.  Our little last-meal-psyche-out kitty drama lasted about 30 minutes, longer than it takes to get a reasonably good pizza delivered, and we went past 7p, the official time for the no “food and beverage” cut-off point.  My next trick was to convince her to wash down all those dry crunchy bits with some H20 and she wasn’t having any of that.  Have you ever lead a proverbial horse to water?  Well, mommy got wise… I then turned to the chicken soup stock I had prepared from a Costco chicken earlier in the day… guess who won the beverage round?

But alas we did find these helpful tips for finicky felines from our friends at Pet WebMd for those of us with truly finicky felines.

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Kizzme-funphoto-1Kizzme Money-Saving Tip: I’ve purchased small dustpans and handbrooms as a set which is perfect for travelling with Kizzme at the local dollar stores. They fit conveniently in a travel bag and are perfect for small clean-up jobs.  I’m also beginning to see Friskie’s and other brand name cat food in the dollar stars for less than a dollar.  There are some great bargains on many brand name products in your local dimestores.



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