Gifts from Kizzme! Mommy and Kizzme Exchange Gifts This Week

Happy Friday Kizzme Pals!

This week has been a special gift exchange week.  So far Kizzme has presented me with three crickets and one tailless baby lizard, and I’ve given her one super-duper homemade cat toy.

Each day I’ve awakened to a dead cricket at the foot of my bed!  Well, there was the dead cricket in my hair.
Yowza, thankfully I didn’t see the lizard until I made it to the kitchen.


Gifts from Kizzme!  Mommy and Kizzme Exchange Gifts This Week

Kizzme watches as Mommy discovers her morning gift!

I think I may felt a poor little cricket scurrying around the first night so Kizz must have brought it into bed just as I had shut off the lights.  Half of the cricket was missing in the morning and was discovered later.  She’s been in an especially gift-giving mood this week.  And she’s been on overnight cricket duty in the living room pulling all-nighters.  I can tell because she’s been sleeping a lot during the day and she’s not been her usual rambunctious self in the morning.  Her days of early morning drape climbing also seem to have subsided or maybe she finally got the message that that activity is not a good idea…. at least when Mommy is watching…


Why do cats enjoy giving us gifts?  They love us, of course!  It’s a sign of affection.  We give them toys and they bring us mice, crickets and whatnot — what more could a girl want!

Here’s an insightful article which explains the psychology of why cats love to give us presents. 

What’s the oddest thing your kitty gave you?  Please do tell us about it.

I can’t wait to find what Kizzme gives me next and what I might find in the kitchen today.  She’s been improving her hunting skills during her overnight adventures.


Gifts from Kizzme!  Mommy and Kizzme Exchange Gifts This Week

Kizzme loves her new homemade Interactive Toy Toss Game

And Kizz loves her new toy from me.  The little doodads I’ve made to throw into the tubes really excite her.  They’re really just little household odds and ends like toothpaste and water bottle caps, electrical connectors stuffed with things like feathers, fabric, etc.  I’ve made plenty of them to keep things interesting and to play with around the house.


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