Kizzme “Hearts” Mommy!

How sweet!  I woke up to this cute little message from Kizzme today. She was telling me how much she loves her Kitty Mommy and her new home.   She’s such a creative kitty and so talented — she continues to amaze and amuse me!

I just knew when I saw Kizzme’s adorable little face pop up on my Adopt-A-Pet email alerts one month ago today that I just had to have this truly lovable then approximate 8 week old little kitten in my life.   I called the adoption hotline immediately to see if she was still available home from our local shelter.  I felt so nervous because I was concerned that maybe someone else had already taken her since I felt “love at first sight!” and surely enough she was for real and she was available, so I hightailed myself down to the Downey Animal Shelter so I could be first in line when they opened their doors to the public that day for adoption processing.  I just felt so silly and was firmly convinced that in my mind that this little girl was going to be snatched up before I could get to her.  I was SOOO THRILLED to get her.
When she came to my home the next day as is the process with adoption given the procedures that are in place at the Downer location, I brought her into my living room and opened the temporary $3 cardboard carrying box and let her come out on her own.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from her given all the little meows I heard from her on the way home , and to my surprise, she leaped out and took a quick look around like she owned the place and started to run around like a little happy kid.  It just warmed my heart to see my new furry friend and now love of my life bounce around with her very cute little bunny hop move around the living room and into the kitchen.

My life has not been the same since that day and I suspect hers has changed too.  We both have much love in our life and we’re so happy.  Adopting a pet has been one of the most rewarding and uplifting experiences I’ve ever experienced.  Kitty Mommy is having a huge birthday this year and having Kizzme in my life has been a most pleasing experience for me — she’s now #1 top cat in this girl’s life!

Have a Kizzme-riffic day and enjoy the love with your pet pals!

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Kizzme Shows Us How The Love!

Kizzme Shows Us How The Love!


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