Kizzme Hits the Road for a Little Summer Trip!


Kizzme Hits the Road for a Little Summer Triip!

Kizzme relaxing in the desert with one her lucky golf balls.  See our Kizzme Store to bring some Kizzme luck to your pet pal!

Kizzme and I hit the road for a little summer vacation to the desert area of Palm Springs, California this past week and oh what fun we had… despite the dreadful desert heat of temps reaching as high as 117 degrees!  We had planned for this trip several days out so she could be well prepared.


In preparation for our 2-hour drive to our destination, I had a chance to take Kizzme to the vet a couple of times and on some trips to our local Home Depot store for some DIY shoppig sprees and other errand running adventures to get her comfortable with her pet carrier and acclimated while driving with me in the car.  I’ll have to admit she’s taken well to our little shopping extravaganzas and it’s been fun for me having her by my side — Weve made some new friends and life is good!  What I’ve noticed recently… besides having blonde hair, having a cute cat in tow really does capture one’s attention.   Life is funny that way!

I really was unsure what to expect travelling with my little furball since I previously had two purebred Manx cats who would invariably start vomiting at the mere mention of the words “road trip.”  My new little lovable purr-girl just seems delighted by the idea and actually has jumped with joy right into her pet carrier!  No kidding — she really seems to enjoy our little outings. See some of the new-fangled pet carriers available in the marketplace here from our friends at PetCarriers here — they’re really cool and fashionable!

When we visited the vet not too long ago for another round of vacinations, I spotted a very cute and clever dual purpose kitten cup /kitty carrier.  Pet carriers have really ome a long way from the basic boring injection molded plastic box style carriers since I last had a pet about eight years ago.  The fashionable carriers really add even more enjoyment to owning a pet making it so much more fun for both of us.

You may wish to include one of your kitty’s favorite toys while travelling.  I brought Kizzme’s Yellow Bear and many of her comforts from home to keep her comfy and calm.  She’s settled right in and within 24 hours she was giving kisses and loving little head butts to  our grandmother.   It was nice to see that a little preplanning helped Kizzme ease into a nice first-time visit with other family members.  Within about 24 hours, she had nearly entirely surveyed the desert condo and carefully taken inventory of all the new things with which to play.


Kizzme Hits the Road for a Little Summer Triip!

The Marilyn Monroe Statue in Palm Springs, CA, July 2012

Have you seen the Marilyn Monroe Statue that’s causing much hullabaloo in Palm Springs these days?  Wow is she tall and very pretty!   I stumbled upon her while meeting up for lunch in the downtown area.  I parked my car on Palm Canyon Drive, stepped out of the car to look for a parking metter, and Wow, there she was!  Quite a shocker when you’re not expecting to see such a tall statue right before you!  Marilyn is I am guessing about about two to three stories tall.  I snapped this photo with my iPhone and if you look closely you can see a person who is standing between her heals.  She’s apparently travelling throughout the USA making several visits throughout the states, and she appeared well received among the desert tourists this day.


While the desert remains a dry hot “touristy” place to visit, it really is one of the most beautiful scenic places in Southern California which captures the charm of early Hollywood R&R where many rich and famous celebrities would often visit and play, much like what Kizzme and her Mommy have just enjoyed over a few days.

Be sure to take some time this summer with your pet pal and and relax and stress less, and should you take a little road trip, try to plan ahead and you’ll no doubt have a wonderful time.  Check out these easy pet travel planning tips we found here and have a great week!

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