Cats Appreciating Art — A Kissable Moment with Kizzme’s Kiss for You.

Kizzme Appreciating Fine Art -- A Kissable Moment with Kizzme's Kiss for You.Does your cat appreciate fine art?  I caught Kizzme staring at my newest framed print of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” not too long ago.  I wonder what she saw in this print.  She’s been amused with the print a couple of times.  I wonder if it’s the variety of bright colors which gets her attention, or maybe it was a gnat on the wall — only she knows!

Kizzme and The Original "Kizzme" Play Glove "Pinky"Kizzme is attracted to bright colors from what I’m able to ascertain.  She responds to pinks and bright yellow with much enthusiasm.  Whenever I bring out “Pinky” which is the original Kizzme Cat Play Glove she gets wild like a cat sired by the Tasmanian Devil.  She really turns up the volume on her playtime with Pinky, and so much so we put Pinky away for that special playtime.  She really gets her aggression out with Pinky and not on KM’s bare hands and arms.

See our Original Kizzme Play Gove  here.  When you play with your kitty with the play gove, be ready to have a good time.  Kizzme loves it and we’re sure you will too.

Interested in Gustav Klimt art?  Order “The Kiss” KIzzme Favorite – The Kiss and also see a selection of items we’ve purchased which you might like as well.  From prints to scarves and kitchen magnets, the images of Gustav Klimt appear to be licensed to various manufacturers for the manufacture of several boutique items.   These make wonderful gifts for kitty mommies who appreciate art and also enjoy vibrant colors just like their kitty pals.

We hope you enjoy today’s kiss from Kizzme with “The Kiss” and wish you a Kizzme kissable wonderful day and enjoy several kisses with your pet pal.

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