Announcing the New Kizzme Play Glove for Kittens!

Jun 7, 2012Play, love, and enjoy your pet while protecting your hands and arms with the Kizzme Play Glove.   Made of soft microfiber materials your pet will surely enjoy!  Perfect for playtime, handling your pet, bath time, and other fun activities!  The Kizzme Play Glove is cute, and adorable, just like the kitten who inspired the Kizzme who came from a pet adoption shelter (pictured with the product, right).  This product is available in a variety of colors, styles and faces.  The  Kizzme has been designed with love and proceeds from sales of The Kizzme Play Glove benefits local pet adoption agencies.  Get one or a pair for you and your pet pal today — you’ll have fewer scratches and plenty of happy times together!

Kizzme herself approves.  See Kizzme Kitty in action with her very own Play Glove and we think you’ll agree you’ll both enjoy this wonderful new item.


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