Kizzme Reaches All-Time Best — Teach Your Kitty to Reach New Highs in This Popular Appliance Game!


 Kizzme Reaches All-Time Best -- Teach Your Kitty to Reach New Highs in This Popular Appliance Game!

Kizzme is a whiz at playing this popular game!

We think you know the game but just in case, here are the rules.


Once kitty has officially lost her toy under any major appliance, the following rules apply.

1.  You must allow kitty sufficient time to extract the lost toy entirely on her own, thus giving her time to figure out how to resolve this matter on her own.

2.  No cheating allowed.  No you must not cave to kitty’s meows or cuteness and move the appliance for kitty.  She must be able to navigate the appliance by herself.

3.  Kitty must find toy using her own paws and skills.  She can not enlist help from other humans or litter mates.  Absolutely no cheating allowed!  Do not succumb to her cuteness.  No exceptions!

4.  After sufficient time has passed and kitty appears to be giving up and/or losing interest, at this time and only at this time may you then assist kitty by utilizing a stick or other safe object to assist kitty in finding her lost toy.  DO NOT ATTEMP TO ENTIRELY RETRIEVE THE LOST TOY.  Only locate the toy and bring item closer so she can see the lost toy and retrieve the item herself.  She will feel good about retrieving her lost toy, thus building her confidence and kitty self-esteem.

This is truly a win-win situation when you play this game together.  Always encourage kitty with words of praise to retrieve her toy.  Give her a treat as a reward for a successful outcome.

Who knew losing toys could be so fun.  Look at the upside!

Bonus points for kitty when you allow kitty to retrieve her lost toys all by herself.   And special bonus points for you in mommy-kitty bonding for sharing another memorable moment with your lovable pet pal!

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