Kizzme Now Recovering From Spay Surgery — She’s Doing Grrrreat! Back to Crazy Kitten Antics Soon!

One Day Post Spay Surgery Kizzme Shyly Shows Us Her Belly After Her Spay Surgery!

Kizzme Now Recovering From Spay Surgery -- She's Doing Grrrreat!  Back to Crazy Kitten Antics Soon! Kizzme has pretty much been wiped out and on the mend since she was spayed yesterday morning so she’s taken the day off from her usual kitten antics of fun, occasional chaos and innocent mayhem in the world of Kizzme.  Mommy put all the toys away so she would not be tempted to get too excited and start going crazy and running up and down the hallways — one never knows how a rambunctious kitten is going to act with all the surgery drugs lingering in her system.  Nevertheless she’s still found several things to “make-do” as play-toys in a pinch.  I woke up to her playing with a little seashell she found somewhere from a crafts project this morning, so apparently she’s been amusing herself all morning with a piece of trash really — gee, who knew!

Our little Kizzme has done remarkably well recovering from her surgery, although she’s been very dehydrated.  I can see it’s going to take her a few days to bounce back to 100% fully charged kitten power.  The post surgery notes do say to limit her activity for at least 7-10 days.   She did wake up from one of her catnaps this afternoon to show us her belly stitch albeit shyly — the vets at the Downey Animal Care Center took excellent care of our little purr-girl and they did a wonderful job and we’re both soooo grateful.  We missed our Kizzme for the day and we both slept probably 10 hours last night.  We’re glad to be back in each other’s arms.

Making the decision to have Kizzme spayed was the right thing to do in my mind.  While it was a requirement as part of the adoption process in LA County anyhow, I knew in my heart  when I decided to take on a new pet that spaying was the correct option.  I was very pleased to see that the $90 adoption fee not only included initial vaccinations and a microchip, but the spaying was also included.  She was released to us on a “trust waiver” since she was so tiny and undernourished when we received her.  Normally once you commit to adopt a pet with the county, they will automatically spay or neuter your pet before it is released to you.  Since we’ve had Kizzme about 2-1/2 months she’s been able to gain some weight and get healthy so she was in a much better condition for the spay surgery.  It was good to wait a couple of months and return to the clinic.

Getting situated with a new put can be expensive for some people which can often be a deterrent to pet adoptions. Many of the county adoption agencies do try to make pet adoption affordable, some even offering special promotions throughout the year.  Currently there is a “9 Lives for $9” promotion where you can adopt a cat for $9 and everything is included!  That’s the vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying! This appears to be an annual summer promotion that takes place when the shelters appear to be full from spring kittens.  It’s truly a wonderful opportunity to add a loving family member and save a life at a very low cost.

Kizzme Now Recovering From Spay Surgery -- She's Doing Grrrreat!  Back to Crazy Kitten Antics Soon! I’d like to personally thank the staff at Downey Animal Care for all their kind assistance in bringing Kizzme and I together.  Every step of the way has been a very professional and good experience.   They are doing excellent work at this facility and it shows!

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