Kizzme’s Miracle Stain Remover — DIY Cleaning Saves You $$!

Have a tough stain you’d like to remove?  Perhaps a pet stain?  Tired of buying all those overpriced cleaners that just don’t seem to do the job they claim to do?  Kizzme spotted this homemade natural cleaner and we’d like to share it with you.  It works and it will save you some dollars too!  Don’t waste your hard-earned money on overpriced cleaners that ruin yiur clothing and other valuables — give Kizzme’s Miracle Stain Remover a try, buy more cat treats and toys, and have a nice day!

Kizzme-miracle-stain-removerSTAIN REMOVER INGREDIENTS:


Mix together the two above ingredients.

Pour the mixture directly into the stain and watch it disappear — it’s a miracle!  For more stubborn stains, shake a  little baking soda onto the stain snd gently scrub with an used soft brush (perhaps a discarded toothbrush?).  Let stand for approximately an hour while you play with your pets, then return to launder your items as usual.

And “Voila Meow” says Kizzme! Stains are gone.  I bet you were just as surprised as i was when i discovered Kizzme is learning French!

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