New Pet Pals Camera Now Available through VueZone.

Finally a pet sitter that is perfect for those few hours and day trips!  VueZone has developed a personal consumer sized battery-operated camera which is perfect for a variety of situations, including a pet camera.

Now when Kizzme Mommy is out running errands or decides to take an overnight trip, the handy VueZone camera is the perfect choice and option for having my eyes on Kizzme during my absence.  These cameras are now built with motion detecting sensors so you’ll only view the item which caused a little disturbance.  I’ll be ordering our new VueZone in a week or so and plan to provide a first-hand review of this newest item.

Have you tried a similar item and what has been your experience?  Please tell us about it here and provide your comments below.

Posted by Kizzme Mommy

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