Stop & Smell the Roses

Good Afternoon Kizzme Pals!

As Kizzme and I were taking a little time out for some R&R this afternoon away from the business side of things, we decided to relax and enjoy a little nap and some kitty bonding time while enjoying a nice breeze and some freshly planted fragrances of jasmine just outside our bedroom window.  Suddenly two cars seemingly “together” came barreling down our quiet residential street much faster than the posted speed limit.  It was as if they were on a mission of mercy — my God please slow down on our residential streets especially in our family neighborhoods!

Kizzme and i reside within a block of a community college and not only are their young children in my neighborhood but there’s also many college kids in the area. It goes without saying there are also many pets that are naturally also residing within the family residential areas. Our little nap was rudely disrupted this afternoon twice by speeding cars who at least had the courtesy to honk at something either crossing their path or whatever but clearly these selfish drivers really had no business breaking the driving laws intended to keep the public safe.

So why not just slow down and maybe even STOP and smell the roses for a moment  — what could be so important to drive so quickly to risk serious injury to another person, a child, a pet or even yourself?  Do speeders not respect life?  We really owe it to ourselves, our family, our loved ones to slow down — and doesn’t our mental health deserve it too?  Think about it.  You may just save a kid and perhaps a pet and maybe your own life too.

We found these beautiful very fragrant large blossom “Blue Roses,” a rare find at our local Home Depot in June this year for about $8 in gallon containers, and they are now in the ground proudly blossoming seemingly very hardy in our So Cal climate in early Summer.  They’ve made a wonderful addition along our driveway as we are fixing up our home in a DIY’er fashion.  Kizzme has been drawn to vibrant colors and she and Kizzme Mommy have take time out of their day nearly every day to stop and smell the roses, won’t you too? It will surely make you smile and we bet you’ll feel better as well.  Blue roses (appear more like lilac pictured with Kizzme!) in gallon containers…. available at Home Dept.  Truly vibrant blue roses starters seeds also available at Amazon.   We’re ordering some for ourselves today to grow in pots for our back patio and local Kizzme flower gift sales.

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Stop & Smell the Roses

Stop & Smell the Roses


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