Sunday Morning Golf with Kizzme

There was nothing leisurely about a Sunday morning round of golf with Kizzme today — this was more like fast-action indoor kitty golf!  When it comes to kitten play, there’s nothing leisurely unless it includes the word “nap” which usually comes late in the morning and in the afternoons.

Kizzme and I are beginning to settle into a routine and I can see when she’s got her catnaps scheduled.  It’s true cats really do sleep a lot around 16 hours a day.  If you can keep them busy during the day , they will likely sleep throughthe night and give you a good night’s sleep too!

I never realized how much Kizzme enjoys golf until she started swatting her pink marble sparkle lucky golf ball around this morning as I was in the kitchen just starting to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.  This now explains why the Golf Channel has been programmed into our “favorites” on our big screen TV.  I’ve wondered why the TV pops onto the Golf Channel recently .  Unexplained things have been occuring since Kizzme arrived a couple of months ago, and unless I get a huge bill from the Home Shopping Network, then “it’s all good” as they say.

Kizz must have gotten a great night’s sleep because she and I bought awoke well rested, and as soon as her little paws hit the floor today, she was off running like a race horse out of the starting gate!  She was fully charged for a new day of full of surprises and even more fun.

Oh, the life and joy of a new kitten!  What a true inspiration she really is.  She brings a breath of fresh air and is a wonderful pal, encouraging me in many ways.  I now understand firsthand how pets can be very therapeutic.  Whether we’re playing a round of indoor golf or we’re off to the pet store for more cat food, it’s always a pleasure to see my  lovable feline smiling in the morning greeting me every day with a kiss and joyful smile.  Kittens are so innocent, even when they gave their paws in the wrong places!

Everyday brings out something new with a kitten, a new discovery, an exciting adventure, a new experience or even a new twist on an old trick — there’s just something  different every day — and THAT is such a wonderful and uplifting experience!

Interested in the Kizzme Pink Marble Sparkle Lucky Golf Ball?  Find one just like it for you and your cat pal here!

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Sunday Morning Golf with Kizzme


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