Teaching Your Cat a New Trick is Very Simple!

Jun 18, 2012DID YOU KNOW?  Teaching Cat a Trick is very simple!

Kizzme at about 13 weeks if age is already learning tricka.  Teaching Kizzme to “kiss me” has been a fun bonding experience.  All it takes is a few minutes each day and a couple of treats and training your cat to do tricks seems very easy.

Cheese-gratedAlready Kizzme is doing well with “The Kiss” trick. I give her a little cheddar cheese treat as her reward. I’ll take a very small piece of grated cheese and roll it with the tips of my fingers to get a tiny bit of cheddar.  So far she enjoys a variety of treats to keep things — KM likes to keep things interesting, and Kizzme loves a little bacon treat as well.

You can usually tell the difference in your pet’s emotions when you have a great connection.  Kizzme is just crazy about preparedand fresh-cooked bacon bits like a kid “crazy for Cocopuffs!”  She gets so excited over the treat time we share together and the trick training seems to go quite well with her favorite treats.  And just as the article states, choose a teaching time when kitty is hungry.  This really does make learning tricks so much easier and much fun for the trainer.

For our next trick, Kizzme shall learn how to give a pawshake (handshake).  We tend to have visitors in our home, and I’m looking forward to teaching her this newest trick.  I’m following the instructions provided at Wikipedia and have provided a link below to also help you get started.

What tricks have you taught your kitty? Do you have a story you’d like to share with our visitors?  We’d love to hear from you about the tricks you’ve taught your cat. Please comment below.

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See the complete “how-to guide” from Wikipedia.

Teach Your Cat to Give a Handshake Cats are some of the most amazing animals on earth and are very intelligent. They are also some of the most stubborn. But that does not mean they can not be taught to do tricks on command. With a little patience, your kitty can be a world class performer in no time because of their intelligence.

Arrange a training session a couple of hours before the cat’s regular mealtime. The cat should be a bit hungry, so that he will put in more effort to get the treats from you.  More…


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