Welcome to Kizzme Kitty!


Kizzme Kitty is a site for pet lovers particularly fond of our fabulous felines!  “Kizzme” is a short-haired female kitten who was adopted from a local Southern California animal shelter.  She is a young and very rambuctious playful kitten who has inspired the creation of the new Kizzme Kitty website and charitable small business.

You’ll discover a selection of handcrafted cat toys and gift items at Kizzme Kitty, all of which have been individually designed and lovingly created by the site’s developer and administrator who personally adopted Kizzme from a local Southern California shelter.  Sales of our Kizzme-inspired cat toys, boutique gifts and other items through the site directly benefit local animal shelters and other charitable pet causes through private donations.

Pet adoption and rescue is truly a rewarding experience.  Providing useful information, tips and a bit of entertain is a great way to share resources within the community.  We hope our Kizzme website may inspire you to adopt a cat or dog, and we appreciate all of our friend, our supporters, and hope you’ll support them too.

We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to your participation and  contributions, your commentary in our blog site and support in our  Kizzme Kitty online store!

Kizzme-headshot-upsidedownCaring for animals is one of the most rewarding things a person can do to nurture the soul and the lift the human spirit.

We hope you have a Kizzme-riffic day!

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