Why do cats like feathers?

ImageWhy do cats like feathers?  Because they love birds and birds have many eathers — it’s natural and very instinctual. 

One of Kizzme’s favorite toys includes feathers.  She loves watching the birds as well.  Her finely-tuned hearing for anything that flutters with feathers surely grabs her attention and she’s usually off to watch the birdies in the window.  One of her favorite places I’ve set up for her is a place by the window at the corner of my bed so she can watch the birds in the morning and at dusk.  I’ve carefully placed s a bird feeder for her viewing pleasure and also provided her with a comfy pilow on the bed adjacent the windo so she can enjoy the show in comfort as well.  She surely is a pampered purrfect little house cat and the only thing that would probably make things even better in our Kizzme World would be if I were to offer her the real thing, and since that’s not going to happen on my watch, feathers will simply have to do.

And Kizzme is not picky when it comes to feathers — she enjoys ’em all, all types it seems from A-Z feathers and everything in between, thus inspiring us to design our Kizzme Purple Passion Feather Flower Teaser Cat Toy!    She’s simply passionate about feathers and has a healthy and seemingly normal appetite for feathers like most cats do.

See our newest very colorful feathery cat toy, inspired by Kizzme, with many feathers for kittens and cats who are passionate about feathers.


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