Candlelight Dining With Kizzme

This past week we had a chance to visit Knott’s Berry Farm to enjoy their delightful Chicken Dinner. Tuesday night is the buffet special for seniors and guests and Kizzme Mommy showed up hungry and with an extra ziplock bag hidden away to carefully stow away a couple of leftover chicken breasts for the good kitty at home. I had my reservations, not because of the “no takeaway” policy but Kizzme was a bit of a bad kitty earlier in the week…

Yes, Kizzme showed me a bit of a “catitude” this week over when we were going to venture outdoors and IF we we’re going to continue to use a collar and leash. She just wasn’t having any of it one day I’m sure thinking she was a “big girl” saying “Mom, I’m not a kitten any more, so you can trust me” swirling around in her little monster kitty brain that morning. She seemed to want to ignore my many polite little “No, no’s,” to her misbehavior and proceeded to jump on my head in defiance as I tried knealing down to reason with her. Yeah, she got me alright. She won Round 1. I kept my cool and gave her the silent treatment after telling her she was a BAD KITTY!

Oh, what a bad kitty Kizzme was and her punishment was that she didn’t get to go outside that morning. We made up a little later, but not before she understood her wrongdoing and I gave in caving to her cuteness and my love for her. I really enjoy taking her outside tolet her explore and just enjoy being a cat.

Kizzme really loves fresh roasted chicken, especially the Costco brand, but this week we were treated to Knott’s and I’ll tell you she’s not fussy when it comes to white or dark meat. If you’ve turned your kitty on to fresh chicken, I suggest you remove all the skin and seasonings and any fried coatings and simply chop or shred the meat into small morsels. The pieces should be nearly ground up for kittens because hungry cats don’t really stop to chew and savor their food despite the “savory” labels on catfood cans. And Kizzme’s no exception.

So if you get a chance, get one of those battery operated tea lights and enjoy a little candlelight chicken dinner dining with your pal… It’ll surely be a snack you’ll both enjoy whether it’s the famous Knott’s fried chicken or Costco fresh roasted broiler chicken, the “chicki” is really good for kitty!


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