Kizzme Wants Your Fabric Remnants & Scraps!

Wanted: fabric scraps for crafts projects.

Kizzme makes cat toys using fabrics scraps. From the smallest pieces imaginable every scrap is used for a variety of items to create cat toys and boutique gifts for kitty lovers. Cat toys are sold and also donated to local shelters. Cats are given to people in need and often in exchange for donated items.

Do you believe in recycling? Save the planet and put your scraps and unwanted fabrics to a good and worthy cause. All shapes, sizes, colors, styles, wanted.

Kizzme can arrange for pick up of your items within a 10 mile radius of the Long Beach and Lakewood area. Please contact Kizzme at

Also looking for the following additional donated items:

Used, unwanted or new items including:

Nail polishes
Plastic hangers
Ribbon scraps
Craft or faux flowers
Cosmetic or broken jewelry pieces
Craft paint

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