What’s Your Favorite Cat Toy?


A well-pampered cat has a wide selection of cat toys!

What’s Your Favorite Cat Toy?  Here at Kizzme Kitty headquarters, Kizzme has a nice selection of both homemade handcrafted and store-bought cat toys at her disposal, and she’s not particularly discrimating either which makes playtime very enjoyable. What more could a pampered house kitty ask for?

I do put away some of the cat toys to keep their novelty interesting and always fresh. She’s not entirely spoiled here…. I hear what you’re thinking, yes, even through the great Internet, but she’s a deserving good little kitty these days. She’s stopped climbing the drapes from what I can tell, at least when I’m around!

Kizzme Cat Toy Tip:  Store your catnip toys in ziplock bags to maintain their freshness as long as possible. Try not to leave catnip toys out for kitties to leisurely play with. You’ll want to keep catnip as a delightful treat never desensitizing your kitty to catnip. Rotate your toys to keep things interesting. Kizzme tells us that just like women who never have too many shoes, pampered kitties can never have too many toys to play with!

See our Kizzme Kitty toys here.  Delightful, handmade, always fun and affordable, plus we support our local pet shelters with toys and donations with your generous support of our Kizzme website.

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