Get The Most From Your Canned Cat Food!

20130227-064146.jpgGet The Most From Your Canned Cat Food!
To prevent the wasting of canned cat food, freeze it. Open a can of cat food and place the food on a plate in a plastic bag . Cut the canned food into chunks and freeze. When frozen, place the chunks in a plastic ziplock freezer bag. Cut the paper label from the can and place that in the baggy too, to identify the cat food.
20130227-064439.jpgKizzme Kitty Smart Tip
We’ve tried to improve upon the idea we found on the internet, above, and purchased a couple of cheap plastic ice cube fillers. Fill the cups with spoonfuls of cat food and freeze. After frozen, remove and store chunks in ziplock freezer bags. Label food variety on baggies. Cupcake tins also work well for larger quantity and multiple cat households. Defrost in microwave or simply let catfood defrost on counter and use as needed.

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