Kizzme Travel Tip — The Adventure Is On!

Kizzme Travel Trips

20130302-093233.jpgPlan your trip with your pal a day or two in advance by placing the crate where she can see it, and she’ll likely warm up to the idea of an adventure. Make it fun and include some of her pals too. Kizzme’s “Yellow Bear” always accompanies her in her canvas crate when we travel. Treats are always an excellent inducement and reward. I don’t think cats understand the concept of bribery but hey, whatever works to make your adventure fun!

This week is Kizzme’s 1-year Birthday so we planned a little travel getaway adventure to one of our favorite destinations – Palm Springs CA! She’s a wonderful travel companion and has quickly warmed up to new friends and a couple of close family members and is just a sweet little cat. Although she’s now officially a “cat,” she’ll always be a little kitty in my eyes.

It’s really true about pets being therapy for the soul. I’ve seen Kizzme light up a room and bring smiles and joy to those around her and they really look forward to our visits.
20130302-093242.jpgWhile our recent visit to the desert didn’t exactly turn out as planned, it was a nice trip having Kizzme every step of the way. In the World of Kizzme, there’s always smiles, birdies, butterflies, comfort, joy, love and lots of Kizzme Kisses!
See the trip planning trips for an extensive list of tips we both highly recommend.

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