Purrrfect On-Demand! Kizzme Has A Solution For Your Cable TV Troubles…

20130322-084006.jpgPurrrfect On-Demand!
So Cal Time Warner has a new tech support program for customers with obsolete cable converter boxes with high tech systems! Call TWC to use the magical touchtone system to send a signal to reauthorize your cable box. Carefully open up your electronics cabinet and your new Kitty Support Rep is now onsite to help fix your TV! Now that’s Purrfect ON-DEMAND Service!

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Posted by Kizzme Mommy
As a side note, we were visiting a family member in the desert when the cable boxes blew out yet again in just two weeks’ time. We’ve never been a fan of the cable companies in the desert or the So Cal area, and we’ve recently opted for Verizon’s FIOS TV and Internet service at our own residence. We now have a similar TV package and faster Internet speeds for less than the costs of cable and with absolutely no issues for the last year or so.

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