Is Your Cat Gonzo For Granola?

20130516-230648.jpgIs your cat gonzo for granola or is Kizzme the only cat willing to do just about anything for a granola treat? I’d ask her myself but she’s got her pretty little head stuck in a box of granola cereal at the moment.

So here we are at 2am
shortly after a “midnight snack.” We turned in early this evening from a headache I think I received from too much sun exposure and dehydration. Kizz and I spent our day starting a small vegetable garden and I think the Southern California sun just got to me today. Drinking iced tea was probably not the best choice either while outdoors in our beautiful sun today. Tea has caffeine which dehydrates our bodies, and dehydration can surely trigger a headache.

Kizzme had her fun outdoors today, however, it was shortlived this afternoon as she’s discovered how to wriggle out of her new harness and fortunately I caught Ms. Houdini in the act. So her little secret is out and I’ll post that another time. Now we just need to cinch up the adjustable figure-8 style harness (which we highly recommend) until she is more agreeable with the harness to enjoy the outdoor experience. She’s lovin’ outside but we need to be certain she’s absolutely safe at all times.

Since turning in early this evening, we skipped dinner and now we’ve awakened at an odd hour. With cravings of sweet treats, I’ve reached for a granola snack and Kizzme has happily approved of my late night choice. She’s usually right along with me eager to receive a very tiny carefully selected small bit one piece at a time as a “sweet treat” in exchange for a kiss. All it takes is a little shake of the granola box and she’s usually running down the hallway with a smile anxious for a sweet treat if she’s not already loitering for treats.

So are you wondering now if granola really is healthy for your cat? Well, here’s the nutritional scoop:

It’s probably not a good thing, but it’s not the worst thing. Just make sure there’s no chocolate in it and absolutely NO RAISINS!

The fact that many cat food ingredients include grains doesn’t mean it’s healthy for them. Too many grains can be bad because they are carbs which turn to sugar which turns to fat. It’s important your cat get regular exercise to burn off the carbs before those “sweet treats” get converted to FAT!

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