“Kizzme Gardens” is now in full bloom for Spring 2013!

20130522-092143.jpg“Kizzme Gardens” is now in full bloom for Spring 2013. We will be adding more photos from our garden adventures and projects as we go along. We wanted to share our Blue Girl roses with you which we planted last spring. These tea roses are very fragrant and make wonderful arrangements in the home.
20130522-092422.jpgToday we shall try to start some companion plants by seed, including some flowering chives. We understand chives are a natural pesticide and are likely to keep the aphids at bay… we can only hope!
20130522-092507.jpgWe’ll still use an organic mix of a DIY pest spray that seems to work on plants we found on the internet we are including below.

Posted by Kizzme Mommy

Critter Spray for Bugs in the Vegetable Garden!
10 oz. rubbing alcohol
2 Tbs. dish detergent
Combine alcohol and dish detergent in a spray bottle. Fill with water. Shake and spray on those pesky critters.


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