Quick Simple Fix For Keeping Kitty Inside With Pop-Out Screen Windows Secure & Windows Open For Fresh Air in Older Homes!

20130528-060156.jpgA Quick Simple Fix For Keeping Kitty Inside With Pop-Out Screen Windows Secure & Windows Open For Fresh Air in Older Homes!

Summer is nearly upon us and here we reside in an older home with old window frames and odd style easily removable pop-out screens. Since we have had Kizzme for a year now, I’ve watched her grow into a beautiful housecat who loves the great outdoors. Of course she enjoys looking out the windows watching the birdies like most cats. As she’s grown up and gotten bigger with more confidence, she’s figured out how to nudge her nose and body into the corners of the screen to easily pop out the removable poorly fit and flimsy aluminum but still usable window screens. I fear with a little too much birdie action or a couple of flies capturing her attention in the window she might easily inadvertently escape sometime. I very much want to open the windows a little wider than a thin crack for us to both enjoy this Spring and be free from fear and enjoy some cool breezes.

So with a little thought and DIY ingenuity, I’ve come up with an easy solution that will give us both some fresh air and a chance for Kizzme to enjoy all the great sounds, smells and breezes of our garden.

Here’s what Ive done. Please keep in mind this is an ongoing project. More trim needs to be added to finish the final trim look around the window but the initial work is done and may even suffice as complete in some situations if properly measured and fitted. Please also keep in mind that there are variations for supplies and attachment so be creative. I simply used what I had on hand. Our home is an older home so in my mind nothing must be absolutely perfect, and my goal was to simply find a solution to prevent the screen from being nudged out while allowing the window to be cracked for fresh air.






20130528-060206.jpgMaterials Used:

1″ x 4″ lumber, pine or cedar perhaps ( 1″ x 2″ would work as well)
tape measure
sand paper
hand or power saw
matching paint


Measure the inside width of area where board plank trim is to be placed. Cut plank appropriately.

Sand lightly if desired and paint two coats.

Place board in position just above the bottom of the bottom of existing window frame and set nails at a diagonal at corners and lightly tap into the sides of window frame.

Repaint any scuffs or marks as desired.
20130528-060249.jpgVoila! You’re finished and kitty is lightly secured. I hope you find this info helpful in securing your cat while she may also be in the window.

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