The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spot!

20130618-150852.jpgYes, the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spot, however it was climbing (okay maybe jumping?) in our recently planted Bower Vine when we spotted this jumper spider. However, we were the one that did the jumping about and I’d say close to ten feet we caught a glimpse of this little fella…. and then we ran into the house to grab a jar to snatch up this little fella.

After a quick internet search of “black spiders with white hearts,” we have determined he’s officially a Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper) Spider but we just call him “Blacky” for short. Our little friend is being released back into Kizzme Gardens this afternoon after we’ve had a chance to properly photograph and examine him for We shall be uploading an official photograph for spider tracking purposes as this is important work for spider trackers and lovers. At they have a database of several jumper sightings, much like UFO sightings from crazy people around the states.

Blacky appears harmless so he’s being released without any charges against him — how could we possibly squish the itsy bitsy spider — well, in this case, the sort of black with the white heart on its abdomen and hairy legs and scary face-looking with iridescent bulging green popper like eyes jumping spider! You can go here if you’d like to know more about him. Hey, you might even see Blacky’s photo posted along with some of his pals and ancestors from around the world!

And if you really like that itsy bitsy spider song, apparently you can download it as a ringtone for your cellphone here.
20130618-063243.jpgThis is the Bower Vine plant against our garage wall where we found Blacky. A beautiful vine plant we purchased in gallon containers last fall at Home Depot for $24.99. The smaller quart-sized containers were $6.98 and we used four gallon-sized and three quart-sized containers against our north facing garage wall which is about 20′ long. There’s not much sun on this side creating a rather subtropical climate. The Bower Vine is absolutely thriving given the filtered light and climate. We recently added some free mulch provided to resident homeowners by the City of Long Beach. What a fantastic home for Blacky!
20130618-063308.jpgThese are the lovely light pink flowers of our Bower Vine (Rosea). Officially it is a flowering shrub and is drought tolerant and enjoys 6 hours of full sun daily, although our Bower plant in Long Beach CA (Zone 10) is absolutely thriving without full sun. Perhaps our little itsy bitsy spider Blacky is a good luck spider?

20130618-064816.jpg24.99/gal and $6.98/qt at Home Depot

Have you ever seen a Jumper? What do you think of Blacky? Do you like spiders? Have you had a spider encounter? Add your comments below.

Have a Kizzme-riffic day in the garden and watch out for those jumpers….

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