Big Red Has a Big Mouth

20130725-065836.jpgIt wasn’t long before the neighborhood cats got a whiff of our catnip plant. Big Red must have blabbed about his recent catnip find on our front porch. We can’t exactly put our finger on it, but as quickly as we installed our drip system and our plants started thriving from regular waterings, it seems word is getting around there’s free catnip for the taking here at Kizzme Gardens. Here’s yet another kitty caught with his head in the catnip plant! Yes, maybe a close pal of Big Red — you know how the neighborhood cats hang — sometimes they get along and sometimes they don’t! The enticing aroma of catnip is adrift and apparently the word’s out…

We’ve now moved our poor little banged up (sniffed up) catnip plant indoors to continue to grow in a safe place and free from a Kizzme attack as well. We’ve since allowed her to stick her pretty little head into the 20130725-065331.jpgplant for a quick catnip buzz, and we’ve also plucked a few leaves for her to enjoy when she’s feeling in the mood. Maybe we’ll make ourselves some fresh brewed catnip tea and have ourselves an afternoon tea party! And what shall we talk about at our little tea party for two? I know… just exactly where she’s been hiding all those lost mousies she seems to keep losing! I’m now convinced there’s at least one Black Hole in our home or Kizzme’s a really good magician!

Posted by Kizzme Mommy

How to grow catnip indoors.

Did You Know? Catnip Tea is an Herbal Sedative. The main benefit of catnip tea is its calming action. It is able to relax you, relieve stress, sooth nerves and calm your anxiety without sedating. Like most herbal teas, tea made with catnip is caffeine free. How to make catnip tea from fresh catnip.

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