Kizzme’s Pinky has Seen Better Days But She Still Loves Pinky Bear!

20130807-131557.jpgIt’s now been over a year and while Pinky is showing signs of aging and wear from all the roughhousing and Kizzme playtime, Kizzme still loves her Pinky Playglove for kittens. Clearly she’s outgrown the little pink charmer but her little “dont-worry-I-wont-scratch-ya” kitty nails nails are clearly showing m her handiwork here and taken a toll on the poor fella. This cat toy item is definitely for the lil kittens and the young one’s precious paws. But we think your precious pal is going to outgrow Pinky and you’re going to have a hard time giving him just as we haven’t done as yet. Pinky currently lives under the blankets and only comes out when Kizzme is in a playful bouncy mood making Pinky playtime especially joyful.

20130807-132935.jpgPinky has a few pals, namely Porky, Ducky, Froggy, and Blue. We gather you’ve got their MO figured out by their names — find out more about the cute Play Glove gang here. Kizzme Play Gloves are available for purchase directly online and through our eBay store.

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