Does your kitty climb the drapes or swing from the drapes?


This little adventure really started with Kizzme’s quest to climb then swing. That’s what it’s about. She’s really a swinger and I’ve seen her in action… when she thinks I’m not looking!

Kizzme Kitty just up from her morning nap gently assists Mommy with her draperies. Careful Kizzme Kitty! Six months ago she was climbing the drapes but you can see she’s put on a few pounds and now she understand the words “No,” and ” Uh, Uh, Uh!” This behavior Mommy can deal with!

Kizzme’s understanding of the English language is improving all the time. This week she’s becoming partly bilingual! I’m teaching her the word “basura” when the trash truck comes down the street twice on Wednesday mornings at about 8am. This is a pretty momentous event in the World of Kizzme so hopefully the word will stick and she’ll come to associate the big bad monster truck with “ba-suuuura-a!” with Mommy’s friendly happy tone and know that everything is okay and we’re happy. We call helicopters “big birds!” We don’t see them too often but they’re out there.

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