What will your pet do for a PopTart Treat?


Kizzme Kitty shows us what she’s willing to do for just a teeny tiny tidbit of a PopTart treat! Now, we absolutely do not recommend you start feeding your pet PopTart treats, in fact we highly recommend against it for your cat’s good health, but we’ve sort of suckered Kizzme in to some training sessions with what we call our “Trick for Treats” playtime fun. She gets to learn new tricks for treats.

It’s really pretty simple and you can do the same with your pet and his favorite treat…. when she’s feeling like she wants a sweet treat, this is definitely the time to re-enforce her existing tricks and perhaps engage her with some new trickery! Her newest trick is “The Kizzme High Five,” it’s a darn cute trick I must admit when you’re cat wants to high five you. Talk about bonding!

Here’s Kizzme below just moments after the sound of the magic “ding” from our fancy new-fangled Cuisinart toaster/broiler-pretty-much-does-it-all oven so you don’t need a stove except once every decade when the remaining family who still talks to you visits on Thanksgiving (and you can cook a whole chicken in it too in this convection oven, whatever THAT is) has tickled her senses. Kizzme can smell a cherry PopTart a mile away and comes running down the hall to share the delectable morsels with me. PopTarts satisfy my cravings like chocolate for some women. In fact Kizzme now has become accustomed to showing me her special new tricks like Pavlov’s Dog before I’ve even called for them and she’s suddenly become a “high fiven’ kitty with a craving for PopTart like there’s no more tomorrow.

They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame, and Kizzme may be destined for The Late Night Show, but I don’t think they offer first class seats for cats no matter what tricks they can do or how pretty they are on the airlines, and besides, she’s not sweet on “Stupid Pet Tricks.” She’s a smart kitty… This is an open invitation to Dave to come to the World of Kizzme and enjoy an afternoon of cherry-flavored PopTarts and some catnip tea!

Posted by Kizzme Mommy

Kizzme also enjoys granola treats and tiny cheese bits, but always in moderation! Even a small bacon bit is enjoyable. It doesn’t take much to reward good behavior and always try to do your initial training when your pet is on the hungry side. He will have your attention and the reward re-enforces the desired behavior.


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