What to do with Your Pet in an Emergency – Be Prepared!

Kizzme and I were starting our day as we usually do reading email and enjoying a nice cup of coffee when we spotted our newest “Cat Lover Newsletter” from Dr. Debra at Pet Place. She’s recently been sending us some very informative living-with-a-cat lifestyle and healthy life pet tips you might also enjoy — check her out here.

I’ve often thought about what happens in a disaster with pets and what people really do. Many families have evacuation plans for their children, but what about “Fluffy” and “Fido!” In my world Kizzme IS my family and is my loving kid so to speak! This article from our pals at Pet Place will surely get you thinking about some small things you can do to prepare in the event disaster strikes. Hopefully you’ll never experience a disaster but at least you’ll be a bit more prepared or more mindful of what you can do to help save our best pet pals!

Oh, and Kizzme recommends we always stock up on cat food — especially the favorite brands and taste treats! A pampered house cat should never go without!

Have a Kizzme-riffic day our friends!


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