Kizzme Encourages Your Vote For Adopt-A-Pet Now!


Kizzme Kitty is my Adopt-A-Pet bundle of joy! I found her through her cute grumpy little kitten face (photo left) in an email that popped just over two years ago when I had then decided to welcome a new kitten into my life. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

The joy of adopting a young kitten has been such a rewarding experience for me. I was never able to play with or actually hold Kizzme before picking her up the following day but I just knew she was the purrgirl for me! When I first saw her catnapping among her littermates at the local county shelter and she briefly opened her eyes to say hello, I knew right then we would have a lifetime of joy, love and laughter! The next day when I brought her home, she literally jumped out of the $3 cardboard pet carrier box, took a quick look around and then began to run and bounce around the house from the kitchen to the living room like a 5-year girl on her first visit to Disneyland! She wasn’t scared, she was happy. She was now home in her new “happiest place on earth.” It is a great memory among so many I already have with Kizzme.

I received an email today encouraging a different kind of support for Adopt-A-Pet in a special promotion here. All that is needed is your online vote for Adopt-A-Pet.

For the very first time in Instagram history, a massive social media account with more than half of a million pet-loving followers is going to be bestowed upon one recipient charity – and is in the running! This is massive opportunity to increase the reach of this organization. — the voice for the voiceless – and save the lives of more shelter pets. Can we count on your vote?

Here’s the deal:
Uber-famous Hamilton the Hipster Cat, a rescued shelter cat who has taken the internet by storm with his unbelievably cute “mustache,” is going to give his Instagram account with almost 550,000 followers to the charity that gets the most votes. Adopt-A-Pet is one of the three organizations in the running! But time is running out and they need your vote now.

KIZZME and I support Adopt-A-Pet and encourage you to vote for this wonderful organization.

Have a Kizzme-riffic day and many Kizzme kisses!


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