Kizzme’s Guide to Ceiling Fan Installation

Kizzme’s Guide to Ceiling Fan Installation

Important Note: Always consult a licensed professional for all electrical work. This how-to guide is for entertainment purposes only.


Step 1: Buy a new quality ceiling fan. Hunter and Hampton Bay fans from Home Depot and Lowe’s are good and reasonably priced. Choose the correct sized fan for optimal air movement for the room you wish to condition. Here’s an easy-to-understand guide to follow.


Step 2: Be sure to have a hearty breakfast. You may need a little extra energy later.


Step 3: Call in a good friend for assistance and encouragement. You may need help interpreting the instructions.


Step 4: Properly inspect all fan parts before attempting to install, even parts you don’t think you don’t need.


Step 5: Carefully read the fan installation instructions.


Step 6: Destroy instructions which don’t make sense, especially those in languages that don’t apply.


Step 7: Take a 5-minute break (or 10-minute break if you’re having a ton of fun) and play with anything that looks appealing.


Step 8: If necessary take a quick catnap so you are refreshed and wide-eyed to begin the next part of the job.

Step 9: Time to get back to work.


Step 10: Properly inspect all wiring connections.


Step 10: Have friend or Mommy turn off power to light. To be on the super safe side, simply turn off power to house so in no way shall kitty get zapped. Look for the “Main” on/off switch in the breaker box to temporarily turn off all power to the house.


Step 11: Re-read fan installation instructions so you now understand it so well you can now install fan during catnaps. Consult with pal if necessary.

Step 12: Install fan according to instructions. Don’t be afraid to consult friend or ask Mommy for help. This is a human’s job and may require extra hands and tools.

20130726-073510.jpgStep 14: Turn power back on and Voila! Test and enjoy ceiling fan. Good job Kizzme!

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