Kizzme Supports Heifer International — You Too Can Buy a Real Llama!

nc_llama1_big_thumbAs you may know Kizzme Kitty supports various animal charities through donations of sales of specially selected eBay items.  Organizations such as the Blind Cat Sanctuary are currently benefitting from Kizzme Kitty.  Now Heifer International is the newest charity which is benefitting from our Kizzme online direct sales efforts.

Soft, cuddly and cute… yet also life supporting, llamas can provide a much needed family with support in so many ways with a lifetime of opportunities.  Find out more about Heifer International and the myriad opportunities of helping others around the world with gifts and donations of cash, livestock and other contributions that will truly empower others, save lives and bring new life to those especially in need.

Light Up a Life With a Llama

A llama is a unique gift that everyone is sure to love, because it will provide a struggling family with a lifetime of opportunities.

Heifer International provides llamas and their close cousins, the alpaca, to families living at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains of South America where no other animals can withstand the harsh conditions.

Their wool is prized around the world for being denser, warmer and softer than sheep wool — making it possible for our partner families to earn a steady living by either selling the wool or making clothes and blankets. Help a family with the gift of a llama.