Just For Fun!


Who Am I?
Can you figure out who these special people are?  Test your skills and knowledge with our special “Who Am I” section just for fun!

Find The Pretty Kitty!
Find the hidden kitty in the picture in this special collection of images and photographs.  A collection of “Where’s Kizzme” is also included…. just for fun and your enjoyment.  Participants may also add their photos for inclusion into our Pretty Kitty Gallery as well.

Did You Know?
Interesting and fascinating facts, and often silly information to amuse and entertain our feline loving community.  Here’s your chance to also participate, contribute and entertain us with your knowledge of and experience with our fancy and finicky fancy felines!

Kizzme “How-To” Guides
A resource guide to help you with some common household and homeowner tasks.  These guides are generally for entertainment purposes only and are appropriately noted, however, you may find some useful shared DIY (do-it-yourself) tips here.