Kizzme Kitty & Charitable Support


20130712-234022.jpgAbout Our Breast Cancer Awareness-Inspired Cat Toys:

Our Breast Cancer Awareness-inspired Kizzme cat toys have been designed and created by Kizzme Mommy to support Kizzme’s ongoing efforts for making private donations to Breast Cancer Awareness charitable organizations and other charity causes. We hope our small line of Breast Cancer Awareness-inspired cat toys and boutique gifts will inspire our visitors to support these types of charitable causes by purchasing an item in our online store and/or simply making a donation through our Kizzme Kitty Group. See a selection of our Breast Cancer Awareness-inspired Kizzme cat toys gifts here.

About Official Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique Gifts:

Kizzme Kitty has selected a handful of small officially licensed Breast Cancer Awareness gifts to resell as boutique gifts in its online store. Many of these items are packaged as gifts sets and/or along with our Kizzne specialized Breast Cancer Awareness-inspired cat toys for the combined purpose of gifting and raising funds for charitable donations. See a selection of our Breast Cancer Awareness boutique gifts and gift sets here.

Background & Inspiration:

Breast cancer is ubiquitous among American families and our family has also felt the pain and loss of family members and friends with breast cancer and other forms of cancer. It is for this reason that Kizzme Kitty supports various cancer charities. .  We know firsthand that having the love and support of a family and friends is so important to the success in the treatment of this disease.  The cancer organizations we support bring awareness to women while providing education, help and support to women and their families.

mom-junglebook-bengals-snowleopardFeline & Pet Charitable Organizations & Causes:

Kizzme Kitty supports causes and organizations that encourage prevention of animal abuse, responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs.  Additionally, unique programs that support feline special needs are of particular interest to Kizzme Kitty.

Kizzme Kitty currently supports the following organizations and causes:

1.  Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. , St. Pauls, North Carolina

2.  Kitten Rescue, Los Angeles, California

3.  Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles Chapter, (spcaLA) Los Angeles, California

4.  San Diego Humane Society & SPCA

5.  Susan G. Komen for the Cure — Los Angeles Affiliate

6.  Heifer International, Little Rock, Arkansas

7.  City of Hope, Los Angeles


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