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Kizzme-kittymommy-image-1The Kizzme website is created by Kizzme’s Mommy, Carey Ann Parker. She represents Kizzme’s voice and she’s also a caring and concerned animal lover supports and cherishes pets and believes in nurturing animals.  Carey Ann has a BS degree in Agricultural Business Management from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo.  She has a long personal history with animal husbandry with her family and as a child was involved with 4-H and FFA programs through her high school curriculum.  Her adult career in recent years have included small business entrepreneurial activities which included real estate opportunities, and TV and radio production in Southern California.

The adoption of Kizzme Kitty in the Spring of 2012 has inspired her to create a new small business giving her an opportunity to combine her creativity and entrepreneurial skills.  The development of this newest endeavor supporting animals through donations from sales through the website is an absolute win-win for the pets we love in our community and Kizzme Mommy!

We hope you’ll consider participating in our blog site as your contributions are encouraged and very welcome. Why not consider becoming a Kizzme Pal and join us right now in the Kizzme blog community and say hello.

The Kizzme Kitty online gift store has a variety of handcrafted toys to suit a variety of feline purrsonalities!  Selected Kizzme cat toys are packaged with gift bags for gift-giving purposes, while some of the toys are also available through our eBay store.  We also offer a selection of special boutique gifts to support various charitable causes through private donations and eBay’s Giving Works campaign.

Most importantly we hope the Kizzme Kitty website(s) and blogsite will inspire you to support and encourage animal adoption in your community.   Follow the Kizzme Kitty RSS Feeds and Kizzme will surely bring you lots of joy, laughs, and plenty of Kizzme Kisses!

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